601-3A39,659 RSF3rd Floor - Contiguous Block of 4 Floors Available
601-1A39,670 RSF1st Floor - Contiguous Block of 4 Floors Available
601-2A39,740 RSF2nd Floor - Contiguous Block of 4 Floors Available
501-4A31,000 RSF4th Floor Unit
601-4A39,730 RSF4th Floor Unit
501-1A27,500 RSF 1st Floor Unit
601-PH13,959 RSF Full Floor Penthouse Unit w/ Private Terrace
501-5A 13,340 RSF 5th Floor Unit
401-PHB5,040 RSF Pre-built Penthouse Unit
401-4A 6,957 RSF4th Floor Unit
101-3B3,850 RSF 3rd Floor Unit
101-2C1,673 RSF2nd Floor Unit
101-1A1,259 RSF1st Floor Unit
501-PLA4,747 RSFPlaza Unit
501-PLB1,648 RSFPlaza Unit
101-2A10,665 RSF2nd Floor Unit
101-3A10,711 RSF3rd Floor Plan
101-3C2,633 RSF3rd Floor Plan
101-3D1,890 RSF3rd Floor Unit
401-PLA5,538 RSFPlaza Unit
401-PLB3,977 RSFPlaza Unit
501-7A8,338 RSFPenthouse Unit
501-7B3,792 RSFPenthouse Unit
301-2A6,242 RSF2nd Floor Unit
401-PHA2,123 RSFPre-built Penthouse Unit
101-2B1,673 RSF2nd Floor Unit
401-4B10,203 RSF4th Floor Unit
101-PLB2,980 RSFPlaza Unit
101-PLA1,861 RSFPlaza Unit
501-6A23,789 RSF6th Floor Unit